Tuesday 27th November 2018
by Michael Mooney

Michael Mooney

Why Microsoft Office 365 and why an MSP?

Why should we migrate to Office 365 - we already use an email solution.
Why do we need a managed services partner (MSP) to implement it?
I’ve been asked these questions so many times over the last few years, I’ve lost count.

The answer is simple: You get so much more bang for your buck!

Microsoft Office365 was launched on 28 June 2011 as a replacement for Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). Since then Office 365 has grown into the industry standard solution for cloud-based business communication, collaboration and productivity solution.

Office 365 services

Office365 doesn’t only act as an email solution, it provides a huge suite of services straight out of the box. Based on Office 365 Business Essentials licensing you get


  • Email hosting with 50 GB mailboxes and custom email domain address
  • Email security in the form of anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spam and DKIM
  • Web versions of Office applications: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote (plus Access and Publisher for PC only)
  • File storage and sharing with 1 TB of OneDrive storage
  • Online meetings and video conferencing for up to 250 people
  • GDPR and regulatory compliance tools: data governance, data loss prevention, data privacy, reporting

As you can see, you get a powerful collection of services right out of the box with Microsoft Office 365.

Choosing a Managed Services Partner to team up with is key

A Managed Services Partner (MSP) will guide you through the complexities of finding the right Microsoft Office 365 licensing combinations to suit your organisational, compliance and GDPR requirements.

An experienced partner will advise organisations on a wide range of Office 365 solutions and provide full managed support across the Office365 suite of services, configuring and combining services to meet specific organisational needs.

Protect Office 365

An MSP should advise you of the necessary ways to further protect your Office 365 using 2FA. Frequency of phishing within Office 365 is estimated to cost the average organisation 1.3 compromised accounts each month via unauthorised, third-party login using stolen credentials.

We recommend Duo’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). With this in place, user accounts are much better protected against unauthorised access since access to data is not granted until an additional challenge (the second factor) has been satisfied.

Read more about how to protect Office 365 in a previous post

Office 365 has matured

Office 365 has been around for more than seven years now. In that time, it’s really grown and matured. Yet I can safely say that over 90% of organisations aren’t using their Office 365 tenancy to its full potential. As an MCSA in Office 365, my own particular interest is in Azure AD, Exchange Online, PowerApps, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams which can be combined to create very powerful organisational solutions.

As it’s almost December and it’s close to the time of new years resolutions, do your organisation a huge favour and look into Office 365. It’s a group of services which really does drive organisational growth and productivity – while also helping to meet GDPR, regulatory and security requirements.

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