Tuesday 12th July 2016
by Simon Golding

Simon Golding

What’s the HYPE about hyperconvergence?

Trilogy Technologies and Nutanix hyperconvergence summer webinar series

We are delighted to present a summer series of webinars in association with Nutanix. These webinars will address the hype around hyperconvergence and how it can help you in your business.

Hyperconvergence infrastructure is a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources on a single hardware platform, all supported by a single vendor.

WEBINAR 1: Ten things hyperconvergence can do for you
DATE:            28th July
TIME:            11am – 12 noon

This webinar demonstrated how moving to a hyperconverged infrastructure can benefit your organisation.

Download the presentation

Listen to the webinar (Links to YouTube)

WEBINAR 2: Be a VDI Hero with Nutanix
DATE:            11th August
TIME:             11am – 12 noon

Find out why VDI is the top use case for Hyperconvergence.

Download the presentation

Listen to the webinar (Links to YouTube)

WEBINAR 3: Invisible Infrastructure for Enterprise Applications
DATE:            25th August
TIME:             11am – 12 noon

The best IT infrastructure is infrastructure you can’t see!


Hyperconvergence webinar


This webinar series is presented by technologist Francis O’Haire, renowned for his unique skill in articulating complex technologies to IT audiences.

Francis is passionate about good technologies that solve real life problems, with decades of experience in the IT industry his extensive knowledge of topics including virtualisation, cloud and security will guarantee your time at this webinar as well spent.

It’s time for a better alternative with Nutanix
Trilogy Technologies is delighted to announce a series of webinars dedicated to enabling your IT department to get to grips with the characteristics of hyperconverged infrastructure and to discover ways to bring simplicity and predictability to your data centre spend.

Nutanix, a pioneer in web-scale infrastructure for the enterprise, takes hyperconvergence a step further with Nutanix Invisible Infrastructure.

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