Friday 19th July 2019
by Maria Griffin

Maria Griffin

6 ways to work smarter using the cloud

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology (any tech that uses computers/ mobile/software/internet) into all areas of a business. It delivers additional value for customers and changes how we work. And the best way to digitally transform is to work smarter using the cloud.

Here are 6 ways to work smarter using the cloud:

  • Remote working. Moving everyday applications such as Microsoft Office to cloud-based Office 365 enables staff to work remotely. According to IDA Ireland, 216,000 people (around 10% of the working population) were working remotely last year. This number is still growing as people demand a better work/life balance. Working from home is now one of the most valued perks in the jobs market.
  • Recruit globally. Remote working also means that you can recruit from anywhere. If your business is Dublin or London based, for example, remote working gives you the freedom to recruit staff who live in Donegal, Aberdeen or continental Europe.
ways to work smarter using the cloud
  • Extend access to your business. We are now used to getting access to information the minute we want it. Not just 9-5. Mobile-enabling customer facing applications, such as online forms and ecommerce, means that you broaden your reach and can compete within all markets and time zones.
  • Data storage. Cloud storage immediately synchronises data across all devices, so you can collaborate with distant partners and offsite employees in real time. Choosing the right cloud storage solution with security options such as 2FA ensures you have the access and control needed. (With Office 365 each user gets 1TB of storage with the ability to store files up to 15 GB in size.)
  • Simplify meetings with Microsoft Teams. Your employees are now working remotely thanks to cloud computing and Office 365. But you still need to meet with them. Microsoft Teams (Skype for Business) uses audio and video so that you can both see your employees and share screens at the same time.
  • Recover quickly from a cyber-attack. Get back up and running quickly with cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions. This was more complicated pre cloud and quite slow. Cloud disaster recovery solutions provide easier access to key data and applications to ensure your business returns to working order quickly in case of an adverse event.

Ultimately, cloud computing increases productivity because it enables employees and customers to access the information they need at any time, from any place so they can work smarter.  

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