Trilogy CEO, Edel Creely is new Ibec president

Monday 9th October 2017

Trilogy CEO, Edel Creely is new Ibec president

Trilogy CEO, Edel Creely, was formally sworn in as Ibec president on 21 September 2017.
Ibec represents Irish business both domestically and internationally with over 7,500 businesses employing 70% of the private sector workforce.

In her speech at the Ibec President’s Dinner, Edel spoke about several issues key in designing a new Ireland and highlighted key priorities for business on tax, investment and Brexit.


“Business is firmly in the dark as to where this process is ultimately heading. Given the risks, Government must make the case forcefully in Europe to allow for significant, direct intervention to help companies trade through any volatility and adjust to a new trading reality. We need an increased focus on cost-competitiveness and on our tax offering, as well as additional investment, to ensure Ireland remains an attractive place to live, work and invest.”


 Ibec president“We need a business and tax environment that rewards success, encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, supports established companies reaching their full potential and fosters continued investment by our multinationals.”


“In addition to being an acute social concern, the housing crisis has become a major problem for businesses seeking to attract and retain quality staff. Many of our regions are not properly connected and risk being unable to take full advantage of the economic opportunities that are already evident.”

Concluding her speech, Edel said “Designing this new Ireland, an Ireland that works for business and citizens alike, is no easy task, but it’s a job we all have a massive stake in.”

Read Edel’s full speech here.

Ibec President
Danny McCoy, Ibec CEO, Edel Creely, Ibec President, Leo Varadkar, Taoiseach