Thursday 6th August 2015
by Maria Griffin

Maria Griffin

The benefits of migrating to Office 365

As increasing numbers of businesses look to cloud computing for IT cost reduction, flexibility in delivering the latest tools to staff, greater workforce productivity and collaboration, reduced infrastructure complexity and improved security, we are experiencing a rise in the number of companies that are looking at options to upgrade a version of Exchange Server and migrate to Office 365.

With many companies experiencing growth and others expanding, these businesses can now afford the benefits of enterprise-class IT infrastructure and the latest versions of software applications without the traditional financial roadblocks. Companies want to future proof the IT infrastructure and we review their options and recommend the most suitable one either Exchange on-premise or in the cloud.

Increased Flexibility

Office 365 in the cloud also has the flexibility of integrating with a company’s on- premise solutions should it be required. Using the cloud has so many advantages, particularly in terms of savings on maintenance costs associated with local servers. Being based in the cloud, Office 365 means that staff no longer need to be chained to the desk to access company data and be productive. It is possible to work from mobiles, tablets and laptops from anywhere, and it’s all backed up by comprehensive security measures.

Office 365 is a very powerful way to get a business started very fast. A company gets the same enterprise-level services that a large corporation would have, making it easier to compete.

Data Protection and Backup

A company’s greatest asset is its data and documents. Losing these can be disastrous and Office 365’s data protection and backup offers companies the peace of mind that the data will always be accessible.

Variety of Powerful Tools

One great feature of Office 365 is that it allows users to pick and choose the tools they want. Apps can be added to the Office 365 home screen and can be easily accessed from one place.

High availability and redundancy

Office 365 benefits from high availability and redundancy of a public cloud, large mailboxes, sharing and collaboration of mailboxes and calendars as well as the introduction of instant message (skype).

Our clients’ have benefited from Office 365

Many of our clients’ in both Ireland and the U.K, including Autoglass, Campion Insurance, Tracey Solicitors and Avis, have migrated to Office 365.

One ICT manager explains, “The cost savings that we see from a cloud-based solution are reason enough to choose Office 365. It saves the company money and allows our IT staff to work on business problems and add more value to the company.”

Another business manager says, “Peace of mind is the biggest benefit for me. Knowing that someone else is taking care of everything is great.”

As already established companies have 100% of their internet technology based on Microsoft, it makes sense to migrate to Office 365 and reduce complexity and move commodity services to the cloud. Its ability to simplify the administration of IT is very appealing to managers and provides greater assurance of continuity and security compared with a company’s own in-house capabilities.

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