Wednesday 4th July 2018
by Neil Cummins

Neil Cummins

Ensuring service availability in a hybrid cloud environment

Critical business applications and IT infrastructure need guaranteed availability and performance as the complexity of infrastructure environments increase. Now that organisations are adopting a hybrid cloud-based model, the array of environments that require monitoring solutions keeps growing. Business leaders demand “always on” reliability which is driving demand for monitoring solutions.

hybrid cloudAs organisations choose cloud services whether it be IT infrastructure, Office 365  or data protection across multiple public, private and hybrid cloud environments, the need for monitoring solutions that are scalable, analytical and provide rapid insights are essential.

Working with a partner who can deploy, manage and action such services makes increasing sense in dealing with complexity. Now with ScienceLogic’s Hybrid IT Monitoring platform from Trilogy, all types of IT infrastructure can be monitored in one convenient place in a single consolidated view.

This is great news, because legacy monitoring tools are typically very difficult and costly to extend for seamless visibility into public cloud services. And the more cloud-centric tools have little or no coverage for the legacy IT systems that may remain on-premise.

ScienceLogic’s predictive and proactive analytics single platform for monitoring a diverse range of technologies gives Trilogy’s customers the opportunity to tap into cloud and even emerging technologies to expand their businesses and ultimately increase revenue.

Through real-time monitoring, Trilogy uses predictive analysis to ensure services are highly available. Similarly, if something has gone wrong, we use proactive analysis to quickly identify the root cause, prevent repeat occurrences and minimise potential revenue loss. This improves productivity and increases savings. And for you, it doesn’t require extensive investment in software development or customisation.

The hybrid IT monitoring platform monitors a broad base of IT infrastructure elements – whether physical, virtual or cloud (Azure or AWS) – across networks, virtual and physical servers and applications.

Trilogy offers Monitoring as a Service as part of it’s Managed IT as a Service offering.

  • Simplify, control and reduce the cost of your IT support.
  • Free up IT staff and reduce internal support costs.
  • Enable staff to be reassigned to more strategic projects.

Ultimately, it will also help your IT department meet internal SLAs and user expectations. As a result, you can focus on delivery IT service to the business without diverting staff time to build and manage internal monitoring systems.

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