Privileged Access Management

Reduce the risk of privileged credentials being stolen

Privileged user accounts provide advanced access rights to critical systems and sensitive data. They are like VIP passes – only the select few have them.

These accounts appeal to hackers because this access can give complete and unlimited entry to systems and data. They can then stealthily move throughout the network to compromise other systems within the breached environment.

The Forrester Research Privileged Identity Management, Q4 2018 report estimates that 80% of data breaches involve theft of privileged credentials, such as passwords, tokens, keys and certificates.

How does Privileged Access Management improve my security?

Privileged Access Management or PAM reduces the risk of privileged credentials being stolen. It helps organisations provide secure, privileged access to critical assets and enables them to:

  1. Discover privileged accounts on systems, devices and applications
  2. Automatically manage passwords and other credentials
  3. Control access to privileged accounts
  4. Isolate, monitor, record and audit privileged access sessions

Many organisations focus time and money managing regular user accounts and underestimate the importance and risk presented by privileged accounts.

Exploits of privileged accounts often begin with phishing schemes. More frequently they are accessed via third parties’ or other cloud tenants’ digital access. A PWC survey found that 41% of privileged account incidents were via third-party business partners compared to 29% through current employees.

Why chose a Privileged Access Management managed service?

  • Shortage of cyber security skills
  • Removes the need to train staff
  • Free up your IT team’s time
  • Peace of mind knowing that experts are helping protect your organisation

Trilogy is the only Irish company partnering with CyberArk to provide a Privileged Access Management solution.

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  • Strengthens security
  • Prevents malware attacks that take advantage of privileged accounts
  • Full audit trail for compliance requirements
  • Easy to manage access for third parties and contractors
  • Great flexibility to provide privileged access securely and quickly

Why Trilogy

  • Trilogy partners with CyberArk, the only security software company focused on eliminating cyber threats using insider privileges
  • You don’t need to train or employ your own staff
  • Trilogy is a leading managed security service provider
  • Advanced solutions using leading-edge technologies including AI, machine learning and threat intelligence
  • Unique insights into the global landscape and latest threats
  • 24 hour service with continuous monitoring of all the latest threats