Zinopy Security Services

We defend your organisation against cyber attacks

Enabling, supporting and protecting your business

Trilogy’s security solutions ensure that your organisation is as secure and protected as it needs to be.
More organisations are today tasked with the need to deliver governance and compliance, which includes the operation of IT systems and data security. These are for many, critical elements of the organisations’ operational being. Securing your business goes beyond just implementing some firewall rules, anti-virus software and data backup solutions. Today, it requires a comprehensive, programmatic approach.

Being compliant with standards might protect you from litigation, but will it ensure you are fully protected and your business safe?

Through technologies from our partners such as IBM, Check Point, CyberArk, Sophos, Duo Security, Netwrix and Fortinet we can set-up and manage the appropriate security controls to protect your business from cyber-security threats. Our security solutions include network auditing, firewalls, 2FA, ransomware and anti-virus.

Malware attack on Soteria International

How did the hacker gain access? (Hint - watch the spelling of the company name)

Managed Security Service

We also provide a fully managed 24 hour Security Operations Centre combined with a SIEM (Security Information & Event Management) service ensuring risk to your business and your reputation is mitigated.

  • Reduces your exposure to security threats and incidents
  • Helps increase your availability requirements by aligning your systems to Service Level Agreements
  • Provides you with peace of mind
  • Reduces the risk of data leakage
  • Helps meet your compliance, data standards and legal requirements

Learn more about our Managed Security Service incorporating our 24 x 7  Security Operations Centre and SIEM service.

Key Security Partners

Boldon James CyberArk FireEye Netwrix Symantec
Check Point Duo Fortinet Sophos
Cloudhouse Entrust Datacard IBM SwivelSecure

Benefits of our Security Services

Minimise risk

Know where your vulnerabilities lie.

Comply with EU regulations

Know where you need to focus to become compliant.

Minimise data loss

With Backup as a Service you minimise data loss and reduce downtime.

Lower compliance costs

Effective Disaster Recovery solutions enable organisations to lower compliance costs.

Protect your data

Our security solutions backup your data in 3 or 4 (your choice) different locations including encrypted off site on a separate domain making your data totally secure.

Security Solutions


Trilogy’s Managed Security Service combines our Security Operations Centre (SOC) with IBM QRadar’s market-leading Security Information and Event Management software (SIEM).


Privileged Access Management or PAM helps organisations provide secure, privileged access to critical assets.


Two-Factor Authentication from Duo Security confirms users' identity and device health before connection.


Trilogy's Managed Network Security offers a comprehensive, yet simple and cost-effective solution to better manage the security of your networks, both wired and wireless.


Combat ransomware, detect internal anomalies, help prevent data breaches and be GDPR ready with Netwrix Auditor from Trilogy.


Classic anti-virus protection is no longer enough to protect you from modern cyber-security threats.


  • Central point for monitoring, synthesising and acting on threats
  • Prepares for and responds to cyber incidents
  • Prevents cyber threats from impacting the business
  • Ensures that teams managing infrastructure components are aware of potential threats to enable quick remediation of risks
  • Provides cyber risk and compliance reporting

Security Operations Centre

  • 24 x 7 cyber security monitoring and analysis
  • Reduces your cyber security costs
  • Fixed monthly fee
  • Monitors all threats including the latest
  • Rapid threat detection