Is your technology holding you back? (PAST EVENT)

Microsoft Envisioning Centre,
Building 3, Dublin

New World of Work interactive 1:1 workshops are being hosted by Trilogy in partnership with Microsoft.

The world works differently today:

  • 50% of business email users will primarily rely on a tablet or other mobile device by end of 2017
  • 3.5m SMBs will use instant collaboration apps by 2018
  • 2.5m will use web conferencing
  • 71% of SMBs believe mobile apps will entirely replace some traditional solutions in the near future

Now is the time to modernise your aging software. The right technology can vastly improve business efficiency, protect your data and empower your people.

Trilogy is delighted to invite you attend one of our series of interactive workshops – New World of Work – hosted in the Microsoft Envisioning Centre in Dublin and facilitated by a Microsoft strategist.

office-365 New World of Work

These workshops are created to help business leaders understand how the latest business solutions from Microsoft can aid them in driving internal efficiency and personal productivity. It is a highly interactive session where you will get hands on experience using the latest solutions and devices. Some of the business challenges examined during the session are:

  • Get a head start. How do mobile devices currently support your business?
  • Stay organised. How do people in your business manage the volume of information they receive on a daily basis?
  • Compliance. How does your organisation manage compliance and legislative requirements with regard to sensitive organisational data?
  • Rally the team. How does your company collaborate internally and externally to impact your companies complete supply chain in the most efficient way possible?
  • Work from anywhere. Can your workforce be as productive when on the road or at home as they can in the office?

Watch the World of Work video here (AKA Customer Immersion Experience or CIE)

As the workshops are highly interactive, each session is limited to a small number of places. Please register your interest below and we will contact you with the next available dates.

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