Thursday 6th December 2018
by Aidan McEvoy

Aidan McEvoy

How to modernise and mobilise your business

Just like large enterprises, other organisations also need to be flexible, fast, mobile and modern. The advantage the cloud brings are well known now. Forbes says that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020 of which almost half will be in the public cloud and almost a quarter in a hybrid platform.

So how do you do make cloud economics and efficiencies a reality?

Firstly, you need to simplify your IT management and mobilise your workforce

Hosting your desktops and applications on the cloud gives your employees secure access from any device or location. This means that they can work on the train on the way into work and – very popular these days – work from home. It also enables employees to work remotely full time. And we all know how much that is growing. A recent Silicon Republic article stated that remote working will rival fixed office locations by 2025.

Secondly, ensure your essential web services, business applications and IT services are always available and fast

To optimise your home and remote workers, you need to guarantee that the applications they use all the time run quickly and are always available. You also need them to be secure and optimised for mobile delivery.

Finally – collaboration

Increase productivity and worker mobility with worldwide access to your data on any device. A globally available shared folder solution will enable your staff to share data and documents and work collaboratively – even away from the office. Using such a shared file service significantly increases security and performance.

With these three steps, your organisation can too have enterprise-grade, globally available, certified and compliant solutions that are in reach of your budget.

Start modernising and mobilising your business today and return to what matters most – your customers and growing your business.

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