Managed IT as a Service

What Makes It Right for Your Organisation

Complete, centralised control and support for every aspect of your physical and virtual infrastructure


To understand what constitutes ‘managed services’ in the realm of IT, can be complex for any organisation looking to make this strategic move.

With companies of all shapes and sizes offering managed IT, it can be very difficult to differentiate those providers offering a comprehensive operating model from those providing a light-touch service. In this report we will examine what you should expect from managed IT, and from those organisations seeking to style themselves as a managed service provider (MSP). But let us begin by asking: what exactly is managed IT and how can it deliver significant business value?


“Two thirds of end-user IT decision makers use managed services to some extent”

The market is evidently huge, and growing exponentially, with more and more companies in the IT sector trying to get involved, styling themselves as a managed IT provider.

A recent survey by industry publication CRN finds that three quarters of companies in the traditional IT reseller space claim they provide some form of managed service. Some 82.9 per cent of these claim that they offer services they have developed themselves. However, a total of 88 per cent of resellers that claim to provide managed services reveal they also work with at least one external partner to do so. Research from IT industry body channel CompTIA sheds light on what is stopping resellers and other more traditional players from branching deeper into managed services, with two in five claiming they are waiting to see the impact of cloud computing on the market. Some 31% wish to focus their energies on their core competencies, with one in four citing a lack of a compelling return-on-investment. The statistics clearly show that the numbers both offering and consuming managed services are increasing. Market-watcher Insight forecasts that global managed services revenue will stretch to $152bn this year, before growing at a compound annual growth rate of 11.6% to reach a worth of $230bn in four years’ time. With the growth in organisations offering managed it services, how do you know what makes a good managed IT provider?

Managed IT service usage

Two thirds of end-user IT decision makers use managed services to some extent. 12.4 percent claim they use them extensively.


“Managed services is the proactive management of an IT asset or object, by a third party typically known as an MSP, on behalf of a customer. The operative distinction that sets apart an MSP is the proactive delivery of its service, as compared to reactive IT services, which have been around for decades.”

– MSPAlliance



Proactive and reliable management that supports the future capacity and performance requirements of the business.


Proactive monitoring and accurate diagnostic to ensure optimal uptime for core services.


Flexible and responsive solution that meets the current and future goals of your business.


Clear and measureable deliverables that achieve the IT strategy and generate long term investment.


“Managed IT should not just be an airy concept embraced by CIOs and CEOs in the name of appearing innovative. Managed IT as a service is nothing more than a buzzword if it does not deliver clear, demonstrable benefits to IT managers and the companies they serve.”

1 Predictable and transparent costs, with no hidden surprises.
2 Proactive management delivered by a team of qualified IT professionals.
3 Value creation through provided through ‘what if’ modelling.
4 Full visibility of your entire infrastructure.
5 Security and governance to ensure your business is compliant at all times.
6 Guaranteed service levels, tailored to your needs.
7 Scalability and flexibility to support your businesses evolving needs.
8 Dedicated IT support provided by a single point of contact.


Campion Insurance has evolved to become one of Ireland’s most modern and innovative commercial and personal lines brokers with a staff of over 150 people and offices in ten locations throughout Ireland and the UK. Ciaran Brosnan, took on the role of IT Manager at Campion Insurance, to find a managed services contract which had not been delivering the benefits Campion had hoped. The nature of the Campion business means downtime is unacceptable. “Insurance is a high-transaction business. If it shuts off for any amount of time, it is disastrous,” Brosnan explains. When the insurance firm sought out a new managed services provider, the brief was to pick a partner that the company could work with for years to come. “We were looking for a reliable partner, a long-term partner, a trusted partner; one that would become part of our IT department,” said Brosnan. Having picked Trilogy, the managed IT provider was quick to identify the three core problems putting undue strain on Campion’s IT infrastructure: its server hardware; its communications infrastructure; and an industry software application for insurance providers – the highly specialised nature of which makes it unsuitable for outsourcing. With the necessary investments and improvements made, the insurer’s head of IT was able to deliver on his brief to operate more strategically and drive the company forward through better and more innovative use of IT. Trilogy plays an important role in shaping future strategies which in turn influence the achievement of business goals. “We decide where we are going then we ask Trilogy to help us get where we need to go,” says Brosnan. “We need the best advice, and not just someone who wants to charge what is most profitable for them. With Trilogy it is a partnership – they are an extension of what we do.” The results are evident. In addition to cost and efficiency savings, the number of problems logged each month has dropped to a typical total of between 50 and 60 – a large number of which stem from the insurance application not under Trilogy’s control. “Previously they were running at double that, sometimes as high as 150,” adds Brosnan. “It has just been a huge improvement.” “Trilogy’s Managed IT as a Service solution enables us to focus on our core competencies while reducing our total cost of IT ownership” concludes Brosnan. “Through this relationship Trilogy is bringing great value to Campion, with a strong delivery capacity, a modern and reliable infrastructure and robust processes. This is indeed a transformational partnership.”
At Campion we understand the critical nature of technology. Technology is used to manage and grow our business, achieve competitive advantage, increase customer service and loyalty, achieve faster time to market and increase efficiency and profitability. We have invested a lot of money in our technology over the years and we needed a robust managed service solution to allow us to focus on our business. We needed a Managed Service Provider that would sit down and say: “here’s the roadmap, this is why things are not working, this is what has to happen”.

John McCarthy Chief Finance Officer, Campion Insurance


Trilogy Technologies is the trusted IT services partner of choice for growth orientated organisations. Designing, implementing and managing agile infrastructure as a service, Trilogy helps IT leaders protect their business from external risks whilst enabling those who drive strategy to realise its full potential. At Trilogy Technologies, our mission is to empower IT functions to transform and innovate so they can meet the demands and aspirations of the business.