Wednesday 20th March 2019
by John Casey

John Casey

Managed Cloud Series: Part 2

Planning your move to the cloud

Whilst we’ve been hearing and talking about the cloud for a good 10 years, it’s really only since 2016 that the shift has become steady. 80% of organisations today have already started taking cloud seriously. However, not every business is knowledgeable enough to build their own cloud strategy.

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Many don’t appreciate or cannot quantify the benefits, many don’t know where to start and frequently organisations just don’t have the time it takes now, even though they know it will improve things later.

That’s why all Trilogy’s managed services engagements start with a cloud assessment and an IT infrastructure healthcheck.

cloud managed services partner

These assessments determine the status of your applications and infrastructure and how they can be improved. This may be by moving to the cloud or it may be to use multi-cloud or even hybrid (a combination of on-premises and cloud).

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Questions to ask

Here are five questions to ask when thinking about moving:

  1. What will my TCO be?
  2. Are my applications cloud enabled?
  3. How does it affect my organisations security posture?
  4. Does it fit with my overall IT strategy?
  5. Do I have the in-house resources to manage this or do I need to train or recruit staff?

There are two key options when considering the move:

  1. Develop an in-house team. This will require creating checklists and processes and a lot of expertise.
  2. If you don’t have this experience internally, consider partnering with a cloud managed services provider.

Most organisations need a partner that can provide the proper roadmap and guidance to optimising their workloads in the cloud. A managed services partner will help you with all your IT infrastructure as well as to assess, plan, visualise, prepare and provide costs for your move to the cloud.

Image source: Microsoft Azure Managed Services eBook

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