Wednesday 15th February 2017
by Simon Golding

Simon Golding

Business drivers that might change your thinking on how you manage your IT

There are a host of triggers why businesses change how they manage their IT. It may be that a key IT employee has left, leaving a significant knowledge gap in your IT capability. More frequently it is driven by the increasing scale of complexity in IT and the ever increasing demands of governance and compliance.

Some of these drivers are business related and others more specifically centre around IT needs. Here are some of the reasons we have come across in the last 12 months.

Business-led drivers which change how you manage your IT

  1. Entering new markets
  2. Acquiring, merging or demerging businesses
  3. Supporting a scaling business
  4. Implementing a cost management programme
  5. Responding to changing regulations or compliance requirements
  6. Responding to business risk analysis
  7. Developing new lean or self-service business models
  8. Changing or adding new office locations
  9. Recovering from a security crisis

manage your IT

IT-led drivers which change how you manage your IT

  1. Procuring an infrastructure project
  2. Solving repetitive point problems
  3. Outsourcing IT support
  4. Managing the infrastructure lifecycle
  5. Embracing shadow IT
  6. Aligning IT with business strategy
  7. Consolidating of IT tools and vendors

What are your business drivers that are making you rethink the way you manage your IT?

Either way, many companies are now seeing the value in outsourcing this important function to a Managed Service Provider.  Read more on why this may be a good idea for your business.

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