Microsoft Azure Cloud

Make moving to Azure public cloud simple with design, deployment and management services from MS Gold Partner Trilogy

It requires experience and time many in-house IT departments don’t have to deploy Azure as part of your cloud strategy. Make it simple with Microsoft Azure – design, deployment and management services – from Trilogy Technologies.

Managed Azure cloud

Moving commonly used applications to Microsoft Azure gives you peace of mind knowing they will be always available. The resilience that Trilogy’s Management of your Azure environment provides means that your staff always has access to your business applications enabling employees to work from any location – making them more productive.

Trilogy’s Managed Azure services provides monitoring and securing the cloud infrastructure to ensure it is functioning optimally. It also provides you with insights into the health of your applications and business services running on the cloud via our edge/point portal.

Why use Azure?

  • Integration with Microsoft applications used daily including Office 365, Exchange Online and SharePoint.
  • Worldwide. Microsoft Azure has a worldwide presence so you can host your applications in the location that best suits your requirements. Trilogy helps you decide where that might be.
  • Affordable and flexible. You pay only for the space you need which can grow or reduce as your business dictates.
  • Reliable and resilient. With Managed Azure from Trilogy, up-time is continuous and backup recovery, if needed, is managed quickly by Trilogy.
  • Secure – Under the shared responsibility model the cloud provider is responsible for the security OF the cloud and the customer is responsible for what they put IN the cloud.  Talk to Trilogy for advice on how to best secure your valuable assets in the cloud.

We help you achieve maximum performance, security and reliability of your cloud infrastructure across your business. Our expert teams take care of patching, updates and all Azure management tasks so your team can focus on their priorities.

Dedicated, hybrid or multi-cloud services

Trilogy designs, develops and manages your entire hosting deployment, including dedicated Azure, hybrid or multi-cloud services – whatever is right for your business. Our certified experts manage the infrastructure, saving you time and effort.

Managed Azure

Why choose Trilogy's Managed Azure?

  • We design your move to Azure cloud to meet your specific business needs
  • We deploy and support your applications saving you time and effort
  • Using Trilogy as your cloud partner is cost-effective
  • You have peace of mind knowing we are constantly monitoring its health
  • Your data is secure and backed up

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