IT Infrastructure Refresh

Thinking about how to make the best use of cloud technology?

A secure and reliable IT infrastructure is essential to ensure your staff and customers have access to the right resources, quickly and easily. An IT infrastructure refresh improves workplace productivity, increases collaboration across teams and ensures you secure your valuable data and business services.

How can Trilogy help with your IT infrastructure refresh?

Our IT specialists are available to guide and advise you in making the best investments to meet your needs and budget – now and into the future. As new cloud services come online and security threats increase, it is essential that you work with a company which knows how to build a suitable infrastructure to protect your organisation.

Whether you need a completely new IT infrastructure now or a phased approach, we work with you to understand your business vision and advise on the right IT infrastructure and cloud solutions to meet your needs.

Trilogy reviews your existing infrastructure and design solutions through a standardised audit process  including:

  • Server, storage and backup solutions
  • Cloud email migration to Microsoft Office 365
  • Increasing your security posture, ensuring GDPR compliance
  • Network security & WiFi
  • Secure remote access
  • Cloud hosting of applications
  • Windows 10 migration
  • Device refresh, including traditional PC’s, laptops and mobile devices

By availing of cloud options, you can move your IT infrastructure from a CapEx to OpEx model and scale your needs as your business grows.

And with Trilogy’s Managed IT as a Service, you can refresh your IT, confident that there is an experienced IT partner to manage and secure your modern infrastructure.


  • IT infrastructure refresh supports user and customer needs
  • Increased security posture, ensuring GDPR readiness
  • Improved operational flexibility and responsiveness
  • Increased application availability
  • Improved business continuity
  • Enhanced desktop manageability and security
  • Reduced capital and management costs
  • Increased efficiency and performance by simplifying and consolidating hardware
  • IT infrastructure is future-proofed