IT Infrastructure and Cloud

Modernise your IT infrastructure, improve operational performance and secure your business with cloud and data centre technology

Refreshing your IT infrastructure and considering how to make the best use of cloud and datacentre technology for your business?

A secure and reliable IT infrastructure is essential to ensure your staff and customers have access to the right resources, quickly and easily. Refreshing your organisation’s IT infrastructure can improve productivity in the workplace, increase collaboration across teams and ensure you secure your valuable data and business services.

Whether transitioning from legacy systems or starting afresh, Trilogy can help you to successfully adopt leading technologies across every aspect of your IT infrastructure – storage, servers, network, workplace and devices – with security by design.


We understand the complexities of moving to the cloud and can advise on the appropriate solutions and smoothly implement your migrations. We provide you with expert guidance and a migration path for your Infrastructure as a Service and data security management.

Organisations today are taking advantage of cloud technologies with services such as email, backup and  business continuity being the most popular cloud services.

Trilogy is a Microsoft Gold partner offering Azure cloud hosting and also an Amazon AWS Advanced Consulting partner.


The Trilogy team has extensive experience in deploying virtualization solutions from the leading industry vendors including VMware, Microsoft and Citrix. We deliver server, desktop, storage, network and application virtualization solutions.

With virtualization, IT is easier to implement and less costly to own and manage. We’ll work with you to ensure the business benefits are experienced across your organisation.

Data storage

Trilogy works with market leading vendors including NetApp and Nutanix to bring the latest in technology advancements to our clients.  Considering the complexity of options, budgets and business need will be an important part in choosing the appropriate architectures and designs. More on our data storage solutions.

Understanding your business

Through understanding your business and IT strategy, we help you to identify and eliminate pain points, while our IT experts deliver scalable infrastructure that fit with your current and future IT needs.

How do we empower CIOs?

Edel Creely, Group Managing Director at Trilogy, discusses how IT service providers can empower CIOS by supporting their infrastructure, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Why refresh your IT Infrastructure?


Agile infrastructure helps you respond to changing business priorities by transferring resource currently spent keeping the lights on and moving it towards growing and transforming your IT services.

Smarter storage

By unifying currently fragmented storage solutions, improving storage utilisation and de-duplicating data you can quickly reduce the costs of data management and create budget for growth and transformation.

Automated service

By automating common service processes and workflows you can improve deployment speed and user satisfaction – whilst gaining real time analytical insight into user needs and behaviours.

On demand access

Secure on-demand access to storage, services, applications and performance analytics for you and your IT team, mean you are always positioned to meet the demands.

Seamless, endless scaling

By its very nature, Agile IT infrastructure is designed to meet your exact needs today, predicting likely needs in the future whilst responding to unforseen, disruptive external changes.

IT infrastructure and cloud services


Make it simple with Azure – design, deployment and management services – from Trilogy Technologies.


Knowing when and how to use AWS and ensuring optimal results requires experience. Trilogy’s Managed AWS service includes AWS-certified experts to design and deploy your applications.


Boost productivity and improve collaboration with cloud based Microsoft Office 365.


Revolutionise your data centre to reduce costs, improve agility and increase scalability.


Simplify the way you store your data to ensure uptime and storage efficiencies.


We work with you to understand your business vision and advise on the right IT infrastructure and cloud solutions to meet your needs.

How do we empower CIOs?

Edel Creely, Group Managing Director at Trilogy, discusses how IT service providers can empower CIOS by supporting their infrastructure, allowing them to focus on core business activities.

Why choose Trilogy?

  • Proven experience in cloud and data centre environments
  • ISO 27001 security certified
  • Transparent and predictable cost structure
  • 24/7 service desk
  • Remote and onsite IT support
  • Experience implementing GDPR security requirements
  • Support centres in Dublin and London

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