IIBN 5th Annual Global Conference – ‘Partners by Design’

Panel Discussion at 5th Annual IIBN Global Conference in London.


Tuesday 17th November 2015

IIBN 5th Annual Global Conference – ‘Partners by Design’

Bafta, Picadilly,
London, London
Trilogy recently participated at the 2015 IIBN Global Conference in London which was just one of a number of events taking place in the city during the week-long ‘Ireland in London’ programme.

The IIBN 5th Annual Global Conference returned to London this year and took place in the prestigious BAFTA premises in Piccadilly, London.  The event brought together 300 business leaders and policy makers from the Irish business community in Europe, the US and around the globe.  Keynote speakers included thought leaders from the world of business, fashion and politics with  Martin Shanahan, CEO, IDA, Maxine Mawhinney, BBC News Anchor, Sean O’Driscoll, CEO, Glen Dimplex and Anne Morrison, President BAFTA just a few of the speakers during the day.  The main conference included Keynote Speakers along with 5 Panel Presentations covering the following topics:

  • Nurturing the moving image – Both the UK and Ireland have experienced huge success in this area – from the 2015 Cannes Award winning, The Lobster to Game of Thrones.
  • BREXIT – As relations between the UK and Ireland have become so close in recent years, what are the implications should Britain exit Europe?
  • Making Business Better by design – The Panel represents businesses who value design for differing reasons, but who all extol its benefits to their bottom line.
  • Is there money in Fashion? – The answer is, absolutely! The challenges in getting your brand established and how the successful fashion designers stay at the leading edge.
  • IIBN Mentoring Programmes – Shark Tank  – Follow in the steps of successful pitchers from the 2014 Conference who realised significant contracts.

The IIBN Mentoring Programme has grown from strength to strength in the UK and Ireland with the Future Leaders Programme, New York spearheading a global online mentoring platform IEMP and a planned Entrepreneurial Women’s Executive Mentoring Programme.  This facility provided an opportunity for Future Leaders, Mentoring Proteges and Pitchers to pitch their business or idea in the Shark Tank with VC’s, Angel Investors and Serial Entrepreneurs.