Thursday 26th May 2016
by Simon Golding

Simon Golding

What you need to know about Flash storage – eBook

Trilogy Technologies has launched a flash storage eBook  in partnership with NetApp


What you need to know about flash storage eBook


Flash storage is any type of data storage system that uses flash memory. Flash memory is used in many devices including SSDs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, GPS devices, USB drives, video games and memory cards. It is being used more and more in larger applications including All Flash Arrays (AFA – solid state storage disk systems containing multiple flash memory drives instead of spinning HDDs).

According to IDC, while the traditional hard disk array segment in EMEA is declining in user spend, the flash market recorded huge growth. All Flash Arrays sales grew over 75% annually and hybrid flash systems grew 7% year on year.

Flash storage eBook

Flash storage eBook contents

  1. What is flash storage?
  2. Flash storage benefits
  3. Flash market size
  4. Why flash storage is better than HDD
  5. What’s in it for you?
  6. How Trilogy Technologies can help

Download the eBook

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