Wednesday 8th May 2019
by John Ryan

John Ryan

Cloud survey results – Part 1: 91% of Irish organisations have or are developing a cloud strategy

Zinopy, a Trilogy Technologies Group company, conducted research into the cloud and cloud security and found that 91% of Irish businesses either have a cloud development strategy or is currently putting one in place. Here are some of the highlights from the survey. Part 2 will be posted on 22 May.

Security was given as the number 1 factor (73%) that would prevent a cloud service being chosen. However many aspects of cloud security are the same as for any on-premises IT system. High-level security concerns such as data exposure and cyber attacks affect traditional IT and cloud systems alike.


Common attacks

For companies which have experienced a cyber attack, the three most common revealed in the survey were:

  1. Denial of Service attacks
  2. Account or credential hijacking
  3. Privileged user abuse

Sleepless nights

80% of us worry about cyber security more than we did 3 years ago. That’s probably a lot to do with the press coverage a cyber attack gets when a well-known brand is hit. Attacks and associated press coverage are happening more often than 3 years ago. And of course, companies which have been hit, must report it now.

We tend to hear about a big brands’ data breaches at least once a week these days. And it seems to be a must have for all our favourite TV programmes to have one episode where they are affected by ransomware.

By the way, only 5% have the same sleepless nights as 3 years ago or perhaps it is that they still don’t worry about it! If they’re not worrying, it’s likely because they are a Trilogy customer!


Prevention is always better than the cure. Trilogy has all the tools including those mentioned in the survey to defend your organisation from cyber attacks.

Download the survey results by clicking on the button below.

cloud survey results

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