Why you should consider cloud when refreshing IT infrastructure

Wednesday 13th December 2017
by Maria Griffin

Maria Griffin

Why you should consider cloud when refreshing IT infrastructure

A secure and reliable IT infrastructure is essential to ensure you, your employees and your customers have access to all the resources they need as soon as necessary. Eventually your brand new infrastructure becomes old and jaded and, in fact, is no longer up to the job it was installed to do.

A key reason for this is because the business has transformed. Business priorities change, storage needs grow, compliance requirements updated and new cyber threats loom daily.

Refreshing IT infrastructure improves your workplace productivity, increases collaboration across teams and ensures that your data and business services are secure.

If you are due an IT infrastructure refresh, you will find a lot more choice available today than was possible last time round. And much of this is cloud based. One of the most popular today involves moving from Microsoft Office installed on everybody’s PC/laptop to Office 365 in the cloud – together with all the benefits Office 365 brings.

Why you should consider cloud when refreshing IT infrastructure

  1. Updates are implemented immediately and automatically
  2. Compliance, security and GDPR readiness. Cloud based applications help with GDPR compliance. Need we say more? But if we must, here’s a blog which helps you prepare for GDPR.
  3. Grow as your company grows. New users are added more easily.
  4. Reliability and uptime. Hosting companies provide uptime guarantees of 99.9%.
  5. Mobility. Cloud based applications enable you to provide your people with access to those vital business applications no matter where they are located.

By availing of cloud options, you can move your IT Infrastructure from a CapEx to OpEx model and know your fixed monthly cost.

To minimise complexities when moving to the cloud you can also use a hybrid strategy.  That means you can mix on-premises apps with cloud based apps.

Whether you need a completely new IT infrastructure now or a phased approach, Trilogy will advise you on the right IT infrastructure and cloud solutions to meet your very specific, individual business needs.

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