Trilogy provides secure anywhere access to sensitive company information for Tullow Oil

Tullow Oil is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company established in 1985.

Trilogy provides secure anywhere access to sensitive company information for Tullow Oil


Tullow Oil employees must be able to access corporate email from a number of diverse locations. They also needed guaranteed data and communications integrity as employees often communicate about extremely sensitive issues. The solution needed to keep communications secure and ensure that only verified Tullow Oil employees could have access.


Tullow Oil chose Zinopy to help them evaluate solutions to meet its need for secure remote access. F5 and Swivel Secure were chosen as they could ensure both security and scalability as the company’s needs evolved.

Initially, Tullow Oil put in place a solution based on F5’s SSL VPN and Swivel Secure’s authentication platform. The SSL VPN enables secure access to corporate applications such as email via a web browser. Tullow employees are extremely mobile, so it was vital that any secure login solution was easy to use and eliminated the possibility of losing tokens, cards or other security management devices. Swivel Secure’s solution is a tokenless two-factor and strong authentication platform.


  • Secure access to corporate resources from anywhere in the world
  • No additional overhead for secure tokens, card access systems or other devices
  • Increased productivity, particularly during extreme weather when employees cannot leave home

client perspective

" We needed to ensure that our workforce was completely connected, wherever they were. Zinopy was the ideal partner, suggesting technology which precisely fitted our needs and supported us every step of the way.

Donal Higgins,Global Service Desk Manager, Tullow Oil