Why the Berkley Group moved to the cloud

Berkley Group, based in Cork, specialises in recruitment and talent management services within the Business & Technology and Life Science & Engineering sectors across Ireland, UK and Europe.

Why the Berkley Group moved to the cloud

Last year, a management buyout led to Berkley separating from its original parent so they used the opportunity to modernise the IT infrastructure. They paid particular attention to how moving to the cloud might benefit the business. Read more.

What did they need?

Being in the recruitment business, most of Berkley’s employees work from different locations, sometimes even cars prior to a client meeting! Lots of meetings happen out of hours and not in the office. It was vital that the IT infrastructure supported this. The most frequently used tools by the Berkley team is Microsoft Office together with Bullhorn, a recruitment CMS. Moving to Office 365 integrated with these systems, enables the team to have access from anywhere. Like all companies that store lots of personal data, Berkley also needed to ensure that employees’ devices including mobile phones and laptops are as secure as possible to prevent hackers gaining access to the job seekers’ and other personal data.

Why did the Berkley Group choose the cloud?

  1. Recruiters have access to all job seekers’ details and their CVs from any location
  2. Employees can work anywhere
  3. Staff members can easily collaborate to complete projects from different locations
  4. The main telephone number  is always working with no lag and excellent call quality
  5. Files can be up and running much quicker than before with cloud backup.


  • Recruiters have access to all job seekers’ details and their CVs from any location
  • Employees can work anywhere because they have constant access to business applications
  • With the cloud-hosted PBX system, every phone call is connected without lagging response times

client perspective

" By moving to the cloud, we gave great mobility to our staff. Our most important applications can be accessed from any location. We also know that our data is secure because the Azure cloud uses intense security best practices. "

Paddy O’Connell, Managing Director, Berkley Group