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74% of UK small businesses had reported suffering a security breach in 2015. Learn where the security and other network gaps are in your organisation.

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Do you know where the security gaps are in your IT infrastructure? Remove the guess work and understand where the vulnerabilities lie with an Infrastructure Security Audit from Trilogy Technologies.

What is an Infrastructure Security Audit?

An evaluation of the security status of a company’s IT infrastructure by analysing and reporting on how it conforms to a set of established criteria.

What does it cover?

Infrastructure user access
Hardware/software systems review User practices Anti-virus, back up and Disaster Recovery processes

Why do you need a security audit?

Minimise business risk. Do you have a business continuity plan? A security audit checks that your business is protected should a disaster occur.
Find the vulnerabilities before they find you. An external consultant provides a fresh pair of eyes to check all systems and processes to see if there are any gaps or vulnerabilities.
Be compliant with EU data protection regulations. Our security audit checks the processes you have in place to see if they conform with regulatory guidelines. The GDPR isn't that far away.
Protect your business from cyber-security threats. New threats and methods of entry to your IT structure are regularly created. Conducting a security audit on a regular basis can help you find and fix any gaps.