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Why the public sector should move to AWS public cloud

Government and public sector organisations face unique challenges to accomplish complex missions with limited resources. Much of the outward focus in IT cloud support has so far been around optimising the private company. However, government cloud spend is currently outpacing the industry average. A recent Gartner survey found that government CIOs will increase spending on cloud in 2018.

Last year a survey found that only 2% of organisations questioned used the cloud for 5 or more services, but 72% use it for 1 or 2 services. This shows that there is still a lot of benefits to be realised from cloud adoption.


The speed and scale at which organisations must operate today makes it complex and expensive to manage on-premises infrastructure. By migrating to the AWS Cloud, Trilogy Technologies helps you shift focus from maintaining infrastructure to optimising operational efficiency and delivering business functionality. AWS delivers scalable, cost-effective, and reliable services on-demand so that you can focus your resources on innovating your business.

The Irish Public Sector in particular is an area that can benefit greatly from the AWS public cloud. Here’s why:


Secure: The AWS cloud is secure and it meets all global compliance standards.
Scalable: Your storage space grows with your need so you can start small and build.
Cost effective: Public cloud services when provisioned correctly can represent a fraction of the cost of purchasing infrastructure services.
Accessible: Moving your applications to the public cloud means that they can be accessed across all organisations within the public sector (with permission).
Compliant: AWS is GDPR compliant and offers services and resources to help customers comply with GDPR requirements.
Trusted partner: With our deep expertise, Trilogy is uniquely positioned to help you on your cloud adoption journey and design, architect, build, migrate and manage your workloads and applications on AWS.

Trilogy has recently acquired Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner status and is ideally positioned to advise you on your cloud journey. We can also manage these services to ensure you are always getting the most from your AWS cloud.