Friday 13th March 2015

Are you prepared for proposed EU Data Protection Regulation?

New Data Protection regulations are being finalised by the EU which will apply one consistent set of requirements for all organisations that hold data on European citizens. The legislation is very broad and covers many aspects of personal data. This will create new rights and responsibilities for all organisations and raise many questions in relation to data security and compliance.

Major data breaches are commonplace today, putting customers at risk of identity theft and financial loss, and businesses at risk of losing customer and investor loyalty. Here are a number of valuable resources from our partner Sophos, including a whitepaper which discusses what the new proposed EU-wide Data Protection Regulation will mean to companies globally.

Take the 3 steps outlined below to ensure you are on track in relation to these new regulations

Organisations that take steps to address the proposed changes will be in a stronger position to deal with these new regulations. Trilogy provides a range of security and managed services solutions and would welcome the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have in relation to your compliance.  Call today to discuss how Trilogy can help your organisation both become and stay compliant.