Wednesday 8th January 2020
by Maria Griffin

Maria Griffin

5 Microsoft Office 365 hidden gems

One of the things I love about Office 365 is that if you need to send or look up something when you are out of the office without your pc, it can be done through your phone. Really quickly and easily. That’s just one of the obvious benefits of Office 365.

Here’s a few Microsoft Office 365 hidden gems you might not be familiar with.

  1. Microsoft Teams. Teams is used by groups of people brought together around a topic. It’s all about collaboration. You can hold meetings, have conversations and work on files together. Conversations, chats, online meetings, shared files, tasks are all available in one application via one interface.
  2. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). Advanced Threat Protection protects mailboxes against unsafe attachments and malicious links in real time.
  • Safe Attachments sends dodgy attachments to a protected area where the content is evaluated for suspicious activity before being sent to its original destination.
  • Safe Links. All links are scanned for malicious content but it also protects the environment when links are clicked. During scanning, the URLs are renamed and if the link is found to be unsafe, the user is informed that the site has been blocked.
  1. SharePoint is used to host shared workspaces, website, information stores and documents as well as wikis and blogs. At Trilogy, we use SharePoint to create and host our internal newsletter (to name just one example).

Microsoft Office 365 hidden gems

  1. Data Recovery. Office 365 has in-built data recovery functions but these are not full back up. I recommend that you examine your system closely and test to ensure it is working as you wish it to. You may need a separate Backup as a Service solution to fully protect your business.
  2. Documentation sharing. You don’t need to download somebody else’s document to make changes. You can work on it, in real-time, together.

Talk to us to learn more about Microsoft Office 365 hidden gems and how your business can benefit.

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