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Gain visibility of your entire IT infrastructure through one easy to use tool

Web based IT infrastructure management, reporting and control portal

The edge/point portal is part of Trilogy’s Managed IT as a Service and the core information source for Trilogy to deliver and manage the agility, capacity, security and availability of your IT infrastructure.

edge/point provides real-time information about your infrastructure security, assets, users, corporate compliance, service tickets and more. User access provides the ability to produce reports or custom views as required. Graphical dashboards display the data you need to see in a clear, useful way, which can be sorted, exported or emailed for a variety of views.

This comprehensive view of the entire IT infrastructure includes incident management, asset visibility, technical support, change control, high level recommendations and problem management information – valuable knowledge and intelligence for your stakeholders. As a hosted solution, Trilogy is responsible for making sure critical infrastructure services are available – eliminating concerns about backups, disaster recovery, patches and upgrades.

“The new dashboard on Trilogy’s updated client portal provides a good clear picture of our overall IT system’s health and makes it much easier to spot potential problem areas at a glance.  It’s the perfect tool for non-IT management to get an understandable overview of system status.” James McElhinney, ITC Group

Trilogy edge/point screen
Some of the key features in edge/point are:
  • Home screen dashboard with a Red, Amber, Green status of the entire infrastructure
  • Consolidated views of all back-end systems
  • Enhanced patching and antivirus information
  • Greater visibility of devices – not just servers and workstations
  • Notification sections, providing alerts on expiring warranties and licences
  • Enhanced security access

“edge/point allows us to have a comprehensive real-time view of our infrastructure and service desk. The dashboard gives a clear status of each aspect of our environment which can be drilled into fast and intuitively to give detailed information.” Russell Cullen, Campion Insurance

What our clients say

We were impressed by Trilogy Technologies' spread of technological expertise and track record. We are very happy with the way the project has gone and we have found...

Joe Hanley, IT Manager


Case Studies


Trilogy’s solutions have given our three companies confidence in our IT. Trilogy’s secure client portal edge/point presents me with complete and immediate visibility of the state of the system, audit information, result monitoring, service tickets and reports detailing all aspects of our network’s health.

Tracey Solicitors

With Trilogy’s managed IT security services, we benefit from improved secure operational, financial and strategic efficiencies across the practice. The solution has simplified our IT management with greater reassurance and peace of mind knowing that our business is protected and our data secure.

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  • Complete and accurate infrastructure management visibility
  • Informed decision making on capacity
  • Data rich infrastructure management dashboard
  • Real-time on demand visibility and reporting
  • Review and share performance data
  • Live Service & SLA details and statistics


  • Full visibility of your infrastructure security through our asset management tool
  • Transparent and predictable cost structure
  • 24/7 service desk
  • Remote and onsite IT Support
  • Jargon free support
  • Experience of a wide range of businesses and industries
  • Support centers in London and Dublin


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