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'Enabling the Path to Cloud Automation' and 'Top 5 Reasons to Invest in FlexPod Business Continuance Solutions'

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NetApp Gold Partner

A critical step in moving from a shared virtualized environment toward a private cloud is the transition from infrastructure optimization to service optimization.


Resilient data centre architecture – zero downtime

Business continuance and mission critical infrastructure are key for organisations to remain online and available 24-hour a day.

The agile FlexPod data centre solution with NetApp Metro Cluster software lets you to create a virtualised, multisite data centre architecture ensuring zero downtime and zero data loss.


Business continuance benefits with FlexPod mean that you:

  • Remain open for business all the time
  • Leverage your investment in internal resources
  • Achieve better resource utilization
  • Meet audit and compliance standards
  • Exceed business-unit service-level requirements


In these white papers, find out how NetApp’s design approach, technologies, and ecosystem integration build upon storage efficiencies to deliver service-level efficiencies and on demand storage using centralized, policy-based management and automation.

Here’s why on demand storage is your game changer

Benefit from innovate solutions that boost IT efficiency and flexibility
Store, manage, protect and retain your most valuable asset - your data
Save money and improve your business responsiveness
Simplify your data management in one smart move

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